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These few notes from collectors of the Musically Speaking Series attest to the first-rate quality of the selections and recordings as well as to the difference an appreciation for the classics has made in their lives:

To: Gerard Schwarz

From the moment I learned about Musically Speaking many years ago, I knew that your CD’s were what I had been looking for a long time to feed my desire to learn more about the great composers of classical music.

Only once did I ever return a CD because I was so familiar with Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons.” Shortly afterward I realized that this would deprive me of learning about Vivaldi and I called Musically Speaking’s office and had the Vivaldi CD’s shipped to me again.

I want to express my appreciation to you for your scholarly and entertaining Conductor Guides CD’s that have given me such marvelous insight into the lives and the musical styles of the composers on the CD’s I purchased from Musically Speaking. As far as I can determine, your Conductor Guide series is unique in the music industry, and the knowledge I gained from listening to these Conductor Guide CD’s could not have been obtained in any other way.

I learned so much about their music through hearing excerpts of the composer’s actual compositions, while simultaneously the historical perspective you provided allowed me to really appreciate what was going on in their lives when this particular music was written.

I am indebted to your composer series for increasing my appreciation and understanding of classical music.

Howard Grabelle


I feel compelled to write and let you know how much I have enjoyed this series. In each selection, you have been unerring in your ability to highlight one of the greatest works of the respective composer.  

The music was performed masterfully and the CDs measured up to the quality one expects from the best studios.

While the CD of music itself was worth the price, the addition of a CD of commentary multiplied the value of each selection many times.  Mr. Schwarz’ commentary not only provided interesting information about the composer but, more importantly, also explained the music and placed it into an historic perspective. You have succeeded in making the music into a learning experience as well as being entertaining.

Michael Prokop

Dear Maestro:

Just a note to thank you much for bringing out such a fine collection on CD. The series makes for great listening. We are delighted with your choices, the performances and the recordings as well. Glad to have them in my possession.

Wesley Walton

Dear Mr. Schwarz,

Thank you very much for this series. I think it has been very innovative on your part for producing this type of program. It is nice to be able to learn something like this without having to go to a formal school.

Robert Clark

Dear Musically Speaking,

How sad that I’ve received the final CD in your wonderful series. And yet how happy I am to have the entire collection. They have brought me hours of joy and valuable information.

Walter Chaskel

Dear Maestro Schwarz,

How can I tell you how sad I am that I have received the last CD in your series or how pleased I am at the quality you have infused into my life.


Dear Mr. Schwarz,

My thanks to you all! Your collection has been excellent and I anticipate many more hours of pleasure. Especially, thank you for putting a limit to your series. I feel sure that this contributed to your high standard of excellence.

Beth Taylor

Dear Musically Speaking,

I am so sorry that I have now received the last CD in your series. It is like losing a good friend. I have enjoyed each CD many times over!

M. J. Eldridge

Dear Maestro Schwarz,

This is the best music classical series I’ve found. Always interesting material, well presented, and fairly priced.

Al Morris

Dear Musically Speaking,

I truly enjoy my collection and the insight into the music that Mr. Schwarz provides. Please keep me on your mailing list. I would certainly be interested if there are further titles available.

George Schukiln

Dear Musically Speaking,

I am certainly sorry to learn that the last CD I received was the end of the series. This entire series has been wonderful! So educational.

Thank You.

Doug Denver