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Welcome to Musically Speaking

Now You Can Own the World's Greatest Classical Recordings and Fascinating Commentary on the Lives and Works of the Great Composers. 

Your Host: Maestro Gerard Schwarz
Photo by Yuen Lui Studio

If you've always wanted the ideal collection of classical music, one that included the most important pieces from the World's most sought-after classical compositions, Musically Speaking is for you.

     Musically Speaking brings you all this plus revealing commentary by Maestro Gerard Schwarz on the lives of the major composers. You’ll gain insight to each composer's character, methods, and intentions as well as rich perspective on their lives and times.     

Whether you are just beginning to appreciate classical music or are an aficionado, you'll enjoy listening and learning. And, if you attend the symphony in your home town, there's no better preparation for an evening's music than to hear Maestro Schwarz' commentary before you go.

All of our titles are available for immediate download at iTunes and other digital music stores. Each title includes an hour of music and an extra hour of commentary, all for the price of just one CD.  Just follow the links on the pages for each composer at left..test